RavenEye Wrap Up The Year

Over 150 of you sent in your photos for this ultimate collage! Thank you so much!

Here's the last words from RavenEye for 2016

"And so we reach the end of 2016!

Thank you everyone for the best year of our musical lives. This truly has been one of the most incredible experiences we've gone through together; from seeing more and more dedicated Ravens joining the flock to unfamiliar faces turning into our family. It means everything to us having a close group of incredible/dedicated supporters spreading the word.

Thank you to our Manager Andy for constantly putting us in front of more and more faces and making everyone have to give a fuck about who we are! Your dedication and care for us means more than you'll ever truly know!

A huge thanks to our agent Randy Salcedo for getting us some incredible opportunities this year. We're so grateful you're part of our team and in our corner.

Thank you to Frontiers Music srl for helping us make 'NOVA' possible! That record is our life, we are so proud of it and proud to be a part of an incredible record label.

We all do this together. We are all in this together. We are a family, a union and an unbreakable bond connected by a love of music and life.

We love you all, thank you

Have a great New Year everyone and here's to 2017

p.s. here's all your pics you sent in! we've made it so it fits perfectly on your cover art, so post it, share it! We're going to do the same."